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marqaati Signs Integrity Pacts With Somalia’s Political Parties


The Integrity Pact for free, fair, and democratic elections in Somalia is an initiative by marqaati to combat electoral corruption in Somalia, build trust among the political parties, and ensure that future elections are more legitimate and freer.

Although Somalia’s political parties have had a rough time getting the current government to pass a law recognising political parties, political parties do exist and openly take part in the political process.

Most of the current MPs are members of a political party, despite the fact that political parties are yet to be officially recognised by the government. In the past, parties have funded MPs to buy parliamentary seats from their clan elders. This Pact commits political parties to refrain from buying votes for their members and report any vote-buying that they encounter.

The implementation of the Pact will ensure that Political parties provide their sources of income, the money spent in the campaign, and their political agents. In return, marqaati will provide them anticorruption training, and help them in sensitising the public and the few voters in the 2016 election about the negative impact of vote selling.

Signatory Parties

On January 28, marqaati held an event to start the campaign to have political parties sign the Pacts. On the same day, 14 political parties signed the pact and 2 declined. From January 28 to February 22, we signed Integrity Pacts with 11 more political parties. Five political parties are currently reviewing the Pact and considering signing it.

On February 23, three more parties signed, bringing the total to 28 political parties that have signed the Pact. Two more parties signed on 28 February and 31 May, respectively.

This part will be updated whenever new signatories are available.

Below is the list of political parties that have signed the Pact and the persons who signed for them. That is followed by the signed pages of the Integrity Pacts.

NO Name of representative Political party
1 Muxyadiin Maxamed  Xaaji Kulan
2 Dr. Cali Cumar Abati Somali National Union
3 Axmed Yuusuf Ibrahim ILEYS
4 Ugaas Cabdullahi National Democratic Party
5 Maxamuud Axmed Nuur Social Justice Party
6 Yuusuf Axmed Yalaxow SDU
7 Dr. Yuusuf Shimbir Midnimada Qaranka Soomaliyeed
8 Xassan Cabdi Khalif Shaqsiyad iyo Wadaniyad
9 Salaad Cali Jeele Midnimada iyo Dimoquraadiyadda
10 Said Cusman Ibraahim Peace  and National Unity
11 Cabdullahi Isaaq Aadan Somali National Democratic
12 Cali Maxamed Nuur Midnimada Jamhuuriga Soomaliya
13 Suleyman Yuusuf Cilmi Horumarinta Ummadda Soomaaliyeed
14 Faarax Salaad Dharaar Somali National Party
15 Salaad Maxamed Sabriye Wadaniyiinta Soomaliyeed
16 Caydarus  Maxamed Cabdi United Somali Roots (USR)
17 Nadifo Abdullahi Abdi Justice and Development Party
18 Maxamuud Maxamed Daahir Isbahaaysiga Isbadal Doonka Soomaliyeed
19 Safiyo Maxamed Cali Somali Peoples Party
20 Caasho Maxamuud Warsame Samokaab
21 Abdullahi Sheikh Dahir Midowga Nabada iyo Demoqoraadiyada
22 Wali Magan Diriye Democratic Party of Somalia
23 C/qaadir Sheikh ISmail Tayo
24 Dr. Mohamed Ali Ibrahim Somali National Party for Change and Development
25 Said J. Ali Korshel Somali National Party
26 Dr. Zakaria Mohamed Haji Abdi Qaranka Ummadda
27 Eng. Ahmed Salad Adan Sahan Qaran
28 Kamaudin Abdullahi Mohamud S.P.P
29 Mohamed Abiikar Maye Somali Citizens’ Alliance
30 Ahmed Barre Midnimo

Here is the Pact in English: Integrity_Pact_En

Muhyadin Mohamed, one of the signatories, was killed two weeks after signing the Pact. We send his family and friends our deepest condolences.
First Page



Justice and Development Party

Kulan Party

Midowga Nabadda iyo Dimoqraadiyadda


Peace and National Unity

Shaqsiyad iyo Wadaniyad

Social Justic Party

Somali Democratic United

Somali National Democratic Party

Somali National Party for Change and Development

Somali National Party

Somali National Union Party

Somali People Party


United Somali Party


Xisbiga Horumarinta Umadda Soomaaliyeed

Xisbiga Isbaheysiga Isbadaldoonka Soomaaliyeed

Xisbiga Midnimada iyo Dimoqraadiyada

Xisbiga Midnimada Jamhuuriyada Soomaaliyeed

Xisbiga Midnimada Qaranka Soomaaliya

Xisbiga Somakaab

Xisbiga Wadaniyiinta Soomaaliyeed


Xisbiga Sahan Qaran

Xisbiga Qaranka Ummadda