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Historic Local Elections Held Across Puntland Inspire Hope for Democratic Future

Mogadishu, Somalia, May 25, 2023 – Marqaati, Somalia’s only anti-corruption organisation, celebrates the successful local elections held across seven regions and 30 districts in Puntland today. This landmark event, which saw the active participation of 400,000 registered voters, marks a new era in Puntland’s democratic journey and sets a promising precedent for the future of governance in Somalia.

This monumental event has demonstrated that the people of Puntland are ready and eager to actively participate in the democratic process, exercising their right to vote and choose their leaders. “Today’s turnout is a testament to the resilient spirit of the people of Puntland,” says Mohamed Mubarak, Executive Director of Marqaati. “Their commitment to transparency, accountability, and democracy gives us hope for a future free of corruption.”

Throughout the elections, we observed widespread enthusiasm and commitment to democratic principles. The spirit of civic duty was palpable, an affirmation of the deep desire for good governance, social justice, and development. Marqaati is particularly excited about the potential this event has in inspiring other regions in Somalia to follow Puntland’s path and further strengthen our national democratic processes.

Our organisation extends its deepest gratitude to all those who made these elections possible: Puntland and local authorities, the security forces, election volunteers, and most importantly, the citizens who stepped up to make their voices heard. This collective effort paints an optimistic picture of the potential for collaborative growth and development.

Marqaati remains committed to fostering transparent, accountable governance in Somalia. With the success of these local elections in Puntland, we have taken an enormous step forward in that direction. Our optimism is undimmed, and our resolve is strengthened.

“We hope that the momentum from this election will ripple across the entirety of Somalia, inspiring similar democratic advancements,” adds Mubarak. “We will continue our work tirelessly, supporting transparent governance, and fighting corruption to ensure a fair and prosperous future for all Somalis.”