Who We Are

marqaati is run by volunteers inside and outside Somalia.

Due to Somalia’s current security situation and the very corrupt public scene, none of the volunteers inside Somalia can be named.

We also have contacts in different government offices that support us with information.

All names published in this site will be given names. To be consistent, no one will have more than one alias in this site.

Where we are located

Due to the security constraints, we are creative with our bookkeeping and working space. If interested, contact us for details as we can’t post that here.

How we do our work

While a lot of the corruption inside Somalia is petty corruption that takes place everyday in plain sight – such as one we are currently investigating – some are huge and take place in private. To get information about corruption that takes place away from the public eye, we get tips from concerned citizens.

We investigate the tips and don’t take anything at face value. For example, as marqaati launches this week, we are still working on a two-month investigation to verify that the information we have about a certain ministry is correct. That report is due out in September.


Who supports us

Due to the security situation, we can not publish the names of individual supporters, but will give them personal IDs. For example if Ali has ID 001 and contributes 10 dollars today and again a year from now, we shall identify 001 as the contributor of 10 dollars in both cases.

To date, we have received funding from the following individuals:

  1. T1: 100 USD
  2. J1: 160 CAD
  3. MM: 25650 USD

We have received in-kind support from the following:

  1. A1: Communication service

We have received donor org funding from:

E, D,

To support us, please contact us here.